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Welcome to the NLS Food Summits

Thank you for exploring our organization. During my 25 years in Business Development, of which the past 15 have been organizing high level business events, I have seen our industry evolve into a highly specialized and dynamic business. As fellow colleagues in the vastly changing and strategically demanding Food Industry, it is our Mission to deliver cutting edge programs that drill down to the immediate root of today’s challenging issues faced by Executives like you. With the growth of the internet and accelerated globalization, the challenge of creating and maintaining a distinctly unique and reputable brand name has become more difficult than ever. For this reason Food Manufacturers, Retailers and QSR’s have turned their attention and business focus to the foremost leaders in Food Industry events for their initiatives, Next Level Summits.

Founded in 2007, with over 50 years combined Industry knowledge and expertise, NLS was created on a sole principle: provide the most qualified Executives with the highest quality services in the most needy of times at the most competitive price. It is our goal at NLS to make certain that every client is handled with professionalism from the initial booking process to well after each Summit is completed, as we strive to deliver industry–leading events I welcome you to hear from what your true peers have to say about our “Must Attend Summits” by viewing our event videos or Testimonial page.

With every Summit carefully planned at least one year in advance, this unique business model allows our clients to capture the entire immensely growing Food industry from product concept at the Food Evolution Summit, straight through to product delivery at the Food Chain Summit. Only when a product has been properly branded and ready to be launched, does it makes its way to our Food Marketing Summit and finally when our clients realize that millions of dollars have been spent they must ensure all the proper Safety; Quality & Regulatory checks are met at the Food Quality Symposium.

I welcome the opportunity to meet each and every one of you in person at one of our many Summits to share your thoughts and insights, on how we are doing. I invite you to explore our website to see which Summits might suit your needs. Please feel free to contact myself or our office for assistance.

At Next Level Summits, we don't succeed unless our clients achieve their desired results.

"Your success is our success"


Stewart Press
Next Level Summits