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Questions + Answers

What is a Summit?

“The highest level or degree attainable, a meeting of top officials”, basically Next Level Summits is a full gathering of the industry's best; learn, listen and be heard.

What are guaranteed one to one meetings?

These are pre-scheduled, mutually agreed upon private meetings. We take pride in our meeting selection process, and see no benefit in forcing candidates to have meetings on either side that hold no value. When dealing with true top Senior Executives each party knows exactly what they hope to get out of a Next Level Summit experience, and we are there to deliver just that.

How do you create each customized itinerary?

We are in essence a high level corporate matchmaking service. Each candidate provides us their ideal needs and we use our DMS (Dedicated Meeting System) to put together the strongest possible itinerary for everyone. This way no one meets up onsite, with anyone they hadn’t agreed to prior to the Summit.

How does a Next Level Summit differ from other Marketing/Business Development channels?

First off all of our Summits are strictly by invitation only, which means we don’t market to the masses. Our marketing campaigns are extremely focused and targeted only to the Industry leaders and providers of that specific Summit vertical. Which means, you can always be assured your total networking experience will be amongst Executives with similar issues and needs.

Next level Summits understands the value of time, especially amongst the most Senior of Executives. So by combining a World Class conference program with unprecedented networking functions and opportunities, along with a chance to source out new and cutting edge solutions, you truly do combine months' worth of work and effort in two power packed days.

Our Summits are not your typical trade show format of high traffic “hit or miss”. We offer proper face to face, dialogue with key customers and prospects in a very professional and structured environment.

What is the investment?

With over 50 years combined industry experience, our philosophy is that we have packages that cater to both our larger corporate clients, as well as smaller startup ventures.

To get more information on how we can partner with your organization, and start building on growing your pipeline.

Contact us at (416)366-0001 and we will be sure to help you put together a package that fits within your goals.