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Building Valuable Partnerships

Your private meeting appointments are about maximizing the opportunity of a captive and qualified individual, make the most of the moment.

Understand what these individuals want. Ask yourself: What’s in it for them? How will your product or service solve their business needs? More importantly how is your product or offering better than the competition?

Make your presentation the one they remember. Invest time in building a compelling dialogue, it will pay off in the meeting and long after.

If you have something good to say, make certain the right person is saying it. It’s important to put you’re best resources forward. Make your presentation powerful, anyone can put together a generic PowerPoint. Use product samples or corporate info, make it interactive and colorful, remember business relationships are a two way street.

You’ve heard the saying “don’t talk to strangers” – know your audience and take the time to review the profile of every individual in every group you will be meeting or presenting to.

Make sure to have all your available management team onsite and involved in all meetings. Even if they are not doing the actual presentation, it’s important to have all key level people present to answer questions.

Be sure you’re entire event team and coordinators (back at the office prior to Summit) are working from the same playbook. Everyone needs to understand the company’s goals to ensure a successful summit.

Since you will have your draft itinerary well in advance of the Summit, why not prequalify the potential meeting. This will easily avoid any surprises and unqualified meetings onsite.

Finally, Next Level Summits' staff are highly qualified experts in these types of events having organized and attended 100’s of such events.

By using our fully interactive onsite Organizers' Office, we cater to many of our clients’ needs and demands as they unfold.